& ve Planlama


New product design and R&D are carried out to meet the needs. We can produce prototypes with our 3D printers and make our own models with our CNC machines.

Making Spades

650 types of cores are produced in our factory. Cores are made by the carbon dioxide shell method.

Molding Line

Carousel hattı ölçüleri 1200×1600' dür. 30 kalıp / saat kapasitesi vardır.

Steel Casting

Our casting capacity is 250 tons / month and our sand clarification unit is 1 ton / hour.

Heat Treatment Unit

In our heat treatment unit, we have normalizing, hardening, quenching and tempering furnaces.

Quality Control

All products are 100% traceable. 100% crack control is carried out. Our aim with our continuous training is to raise our quality to the highest level.


Customer demand is met immediately with our minimum stocks kept in 5 different regions.

Burr, Fit Control

100% crack and adapter-tab compatibility control is provided.